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Installation of Oracle Client Software for PCs

For each PC the Oracle client software must be installed locally. For normal usage, you can safely install the newest (11g) client software. For XP this is mandatory!

Oracle Client 11g ( for Win 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP

From Windows Fileserver \\winfilesvb/gsi$gsiroot/Application/Oracle/win32_11gR2_client/Client  the Oracle 11g ( client software can be installed. The software must be installed on every PC, from where access to Oracle database (also via ODBC) is needed.

This software can only be installed from GSI CAMPUS domain! On NT/2000/XP, you need LocalAdministrator rights, in order to install software! For PCs not member of the CAMPUS domain (Win XP), you need to connect as a CAMPUS/<user>.

Installation procedure:

Info about Installation

Start Installation (confirm "Execute programm autorun.exe", then "start installation") :

In case you cannot connect to the above link "Start Installation" use the following:

bulletuse Windows Explorer and map a network drive to \\winfilesvb\gsi$gsiroot\ (e.g. P:) and cd to \\winfilesvb\gsi$gsiroot\Application\Oracle\win32_11gR2_client\Client. It will prompt for a username and password. Use CAMPUS\<your W2K username> and your password to make the connection. (E.g. CAMPUS\dahlinge).
bulletThen start installation using setup.exe from \\winfilesvb\gsi$gsiroot\Application\Oracle\win32_11gR2_client\Client\ directory.

After Start of Installation Window:

bulletOn Welcome Screen, press Continue (Weiter).
bulletSelect a proper target as installation directory. Usually the drive, where other programs are installed (E:\oracle\ora11g or F:\oracle\ora11g recommended)
bulletUse "Runtime installation" as installation type (unless you need administrative tools). Do not use instant client !!
bulletAt the end, cancel the network configuration!
bulletdownload the two files sqlnet.ora and ldap.ora and store them in your <ORACLE_HOME>\network\admin directory. ORACLE_HOME is the directory, where the software has been installed. Be sure to name files to sqlnet.ora and ldap.ora resp.!!! Replace the existing files from the installation. The GSI database network configuration is done!
bullet!! During download, be sure to select "* all files" or similar in your download-box browser. Verify that the resulting filename is sqlnet.ora and not sqlnet.ora.txt  or sqlnet.txt!! Can be renamed in DOS box using command rename.
bulletIf you need ODBC and "Oracle OLE DB Provider" (to access Oracle database from Microsoft Office applications as Excel and Access) rerun the installation after it has been finished, select "Custom Installation" and check the box under available products "Windows interfaces". Please take care that you select as ORACLE_HOME the previously installed directory! (This is an add-on installation for teh already installed Oracle client!)

All documentation about 11g is here online accessible!

Test Oracle client installation

Start sqlplus application (from Start, Programs, Oracle, Application Development) and try to connect as scott@db-test, password tiger2.

Oracle Database Names@GSI

In order to connect to a Oracle database at GSI, the exact location of the database will be resolved via an LDAP-based Nameserver. There is no more need to hold local files containing the exact network adress of the database (former tnsnames.ora file). You need to specify the defined alias names for the GSI databases. A list of defined alias names is found here.

Older versions can be installed according to here (deprecated)!

Michael Dahlinger, GSI, last modified: 20. October 2011